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Books are good. As I realised, when I left my previous job and took all my books home and put them all in a big pile (colloquially known as a bookcase) - I've got loads of books related to software development. Over a hundred in fact. Yes, it scared me too, when I counted them all.

"I read constantly to gain new knowledge and insights. Why spend years of learning by trial and error when I can pickup a good book and in a few days achieve insights that took someone else decades to formulate?"

    -- Steve Maguire, "Debugging The Development Process"

I've split them up into categories and given them all a mini-review, so here they all are:

In case you think you're going mad, be aware that some books appear in more than one category, because it's appropriate - particularly the first few in the Web category :-).

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Whenever possible I have linked each book review to the relevant page on Amazon. Being a Brit, I have made the default links go to, but if you click on the small US flag () in the review then it will take you to

NB. Although Amazon shares book ID numbers with its UK and US websites, be aware that sometimes the US site will list a book, while the UK site does not, and vice versa. If you find a 'broken' link, try it on the other Amazon site, and you will usually find that it works.

Also, please note that whenever possible, I have linked to the latest edition of the book on Amazon, which may be substantially different to the book I have reviewed/recommended. Also, please make sure that if you use these links to order books that you check to see if a later edition has been published.

Footnote: "all" is a relative concept, and may well differ to your local definition.