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Put memento.notes in other place?
Posted by tib
11 years ago

July 6, 2008

Hi all,

Is there any way to put memento.notes in other place? It is actually at "my docs" place. I could not find any way to do move it. There is no option in the software.

By the way, this soft is the best I could ever find. It just could be perfect if this option exists.

Thanks in advance,



Posted by Tim
11 years ago

July 6, 2008

Currently, there is no way to do this. I may add this in a future release.


Posted by tib
11 years ago

July 7, 2008

Thanks for reply.

So, I'll be waiting next release. Good job & good luck.



Posted by nomike
10 years ago

September 12, 2008

Well, I'm in need for this too.

My Problem is the following:

I've got a Corporate laptop which is operating in a ADS-Domain-Network.

My Corp. uses Roaming Profiles. My %USERPROFILE% is "C:\Documents and Settings\s4773" but my %HOMEDRIVE% is "L:\" which is a network share. The "My Documents" folder is on "L:\Daten" where memento put's it's ".notes" file.

When I'm at home, and start my laptop, i'm not connected to the corporate lan. Therefor I enabled Offline Folrder Synchronization for Drive "L:" on my Computer. This leads to Windows sometimes syncing (and in fact overwriting) the ".notes" file when memento is running, or restoring the correct file, after memento has been started and already created a new blank one.

Conclusion: I'm not able to use memento as the ".notes" file regularly gets corrupted.

If you don't have time to make the location of the file configureable, I would ask you, if you could at least provide me with a memento.exe which hardcoded puts the file somewhere on C: or on %USERPROFILE%.

memento is great, and I hate not being able to use it becaus of our damn corporate setup...

Thx in advance

nomike aka Michael Postmann


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