vGUI Library

vGUI is a C++ library for providing GUI programs with a common API to use across different platforms, and is released under the LGPL.


The vGUI library allows GUI programs to be written to a platform independent API.

NB. Currently, the only platform supported is Win32, but I hope to support Mac OS soon.

Library Overview

The current release is not really suitable for public consumption at the moment, so I don't recommend you try using it yet. It's mainly here for Sean's benefit, as he keeps threatening to add functionality to FastFind.

Download: vGUI v1.00

Platforms: Windows

License: LGPL

Copyright: Tim Browse, 2002

Status: Completeness: 6/10, Reliability: 7/10

Installation: See the Library page.

  • ZIP file including source code and .lib file

Version History

Version 1.00 - 03/08/2002

  • First publically available version.
    (not, strictly speaking, true, but it will do for now)